About Jenna Hazel 

Photo courtesy of Courtney Cimo

I'm Jenna and I believe in second chances, following your dreams, throwing caution to the wind, and eating cookie dough straight from the bowl. 

I believe in true love; deep, real, passionate, sweep-you-off-your-feet love and I take pride in the opportunity to capture and tell your unique story. 

I fell in love with photography towards the end of my college life. I was studying nursing, a very black and white subject, and I appreciated the creative outlet that photography gave me. My then boyfriend, now husband, and I would take my super, cheap DSLR camera out on walks, dream about the future together and take turns documenting the little moments. It was then that I discovered the magic that photography held and when I graduated I decided that I wanted to be apart of that magic. 

A few more facts about me: I'm obsessed with coffee and I have a thing for the sky. I firmly believe that donuts and fresh flowers can turn a bad day around. I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed and experienced to the fullest and that we should cherish every single moment as it comes. I'm currently based in Chicago, but would love to serve you wherever you are.